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    Iva Tarle

  •   Why & for whom

    This website is for those who believe in better future, for those who dare to believe life can be easy and fun, and who are fighting for the rest of us in their every day work.


    The entrepreneurs, the hard workers, those who want change, and know there is a better version of life out there for them.


    I am here to facilitate your progress by teaching you balance. The more balance you have the stronger your light can shine. As Wayne Dyer said: One of the 9 laws of manifesting is to be at peace with oneself.



    My journey to discovering my authentic self was catapulted by quitting my job, of a diplomat for Croatian Foreign Service in Jakarta, and moving to Bali.


    I worked very hard to become a diplomat - in public service for 8 years, earned a scholarship for a MA in European Integration in Warsaw and tolled daily for a low salary, believing in my success.


    Even though i worked so hard to become a diplomat and get appointed a mission, i just couldn't do it anymore.

    Because my inner values and the surrounding reality of my job were at such a clash that i had to quit.


    Being a Croatian diplomat in Jakarta was equal to a good expat package, paid luxury accommodation, a driver, an envious social status with plenty of parties and affluent friends and a paid plane ticket home.


    The pain and resistance in my body towards my job - was just too strong to ignore it. This was as school example of the shift that Wayne Dyer explains in his book "From ambition to meaning". When we stop chasing the external goals, goals set by society and start following the inner voice, the inner drive.


    I have been passionate my entire life about personal development and spirituality, and over the course of my life I studied evolutionary astrology and got certified in techniques of Reiki and Theta Healing, and Neuro-linguistic programming. I love nature and trekking and spending time outdoors.


    I have been living on Bali for the past 4 years and the experience has supported my deep personal transformation and enabled me to look deeper into healing techniques supported by community of friends that share the same passion.


    In 2013 I created Gekko Retreats, a company specializing in wellness tourism on Bali, as manifestation of my passion to support individuals in personal growth. In Gekko Retreats we provide logistical support for organizing retreats to coaches, therapists in western and alternative healing.


    Now, in 2016, i felt the calling to step into my own light and coach and teach individuals on their personal development journey.


    My passion is to support those looking to start a healthier lifestyle and introduce changes in everyday habits to achieve happiness and fulfillment in all areas of your life.


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  • I have a vision


    I facilitate your transition into having more balance and happiness in your life.


    This journey I'm guiding you on is about embracing your authentic self, loving your-self and building your balance & accessing your flow via self –care and exercise. I work with personal development techniques such as mindfulness meditation, affirmations, journaling, deleting the negative underlying beliefs, morning ritual and more.


    If you are looking to:

    • Change your routine to stop anxiety, addictions, fear, procrastination & unhappiness 
    • Get motivated to introduce daily habits to be more productive, creative and happy 
    • Start living from inside your passions – get clarity on what makes you excited, happy, exhilarated, and how to integrate doing more of what you love in your life
    • Transform fears to success
    • Achieve personal growth fast and time hack your life
    • Remove stress/anxiety/co-dependence/addiction
    • Learn how to continually tap into your own endless pool energy, creativity and joy

    My sessions consist of:

    • Discovering where you are stuck and what keeps you from achieving your goals and dreams
    • Removing your emotional and mental blocks with NLP techniques and Ericksonian Hypnosis, Reiki and Theta healing sessions
    • Balancing your mental, emotional and physical self via creating a morning routine tailor made for you
    • Finding best ways for you to access your inner pool of joy, energy and creativity
    • Exercises for finding your flow/joy – I facilitate helping you find what you really love doing and what regenerates and motivates you
    • Discovering and connecting to your purpose & zone of genius
    • Evolutionary astrology session to discover your life path and issues to deal with


    I am certified in: Reiki, Theta Healing, NLP, Evolutionary astrology, Nirvana Breathing to Fitness method

    • Excellent listening, questioning and people’s skills
    • Ability to quickly bond with clients from different backgrounds and tap into your other than conscious, strong empathy
    • Open minded and non-judgmental approach
    • Ability to inspire clients to achieve their goals
    • The confidence to challenge you in caring and safe way
    • Respect for private information
    • Keeping a personal code of ethics
    • Intuitive and clair-sentient





    Maja Savic

    Vocalist, life coach, France

    "I am amazed at the results I've had after just one session with Iva! We did an NLP Swish technique to transmute one of my limiting beliefs and I have to say that I felt different immediately after the session and the belief feels completely gone even some time has passed since our meeting. Not only that I don't feel limited anymore, but I'm actually excited about doing the things that I felt blocked about before! Big thanks to Iva! It's been really transformational and I totally recommend trying this out, as it works!"

    Tino Nazif

    Photographer, Indonesia

    I would recommend Iva as the personal trainer and coach to anyone who cares about their personal development. In just a few Skype sessions, she explained me her program and approach and based on our conversations made an analysis and custom action plan. I followed her suggestions on the daily basis and was sending her reports about my progress. Iva’s program truly helped me improve my time-management skills, gain more emotional stability and control and to better organize my schedule by freeing more focus, energy and time for the things I love to do, things that make me happy. Before working with her, I would work erratically jumping from subject to subject which was unconsciously adding to my anxiety. Iva helped me solve these problems and the process of working and communicating with her was easy and fun. I am grateful to Iva for her expertise and honest support and can’t wait to work with her again!



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