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    Life coaching





    You are on a crossroads, tired of your job that is draining your energy, has no perspective of personal or career growth.


    You have an idea of what you want to do, but afraid people won’t find it valuable.

    Perhaps you have low self- confidence, too.


    Overwhelmed with all the information out there and you don’t know how to make sense of it.


    Struggling to figure out your next steps. You want somebody to hold you hand, to guide you on making the plan, the strategy to move forward.


    You are overthinking, worrying, analyzing too much. You don’t know how to put up boundaries.


    You wish you knew how marketing and social media works and how to put your idea/service/business out there.


    You have tried doing it by yourself but are discouraged with the small results of your efforts.


    Because before you know you can walk, why would you even try?






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    I understand this so well. I was in that exact place 5 years ago working as a diplomat in Jakarta. I was so happy to be living abroad but hating my job because I was overworked, under-appreciated and not using all my talents.


    Feeling like I was whittling my life away.


    I quit my job with a vision of what would make me happy and a loyal partner who gave me his support and a house to allow me to stay in Bali.


    And I looked for a job, using the knowledge and skills I had accumulated as a measure of my value in the world- working at part time gigs of sales and marketing, managed websites, volunteered and networked, even created my own company for organizing retreats in Bali.


    But it wasn’t until I looked deep within, that the things started to unfold. When I focused on my passion and deeply hidden talents and dared to imagine my own path, things started to change.


    My passion is to help others discover their greatness and make a strategy to put themselves out there.


    My journey took 4 years. I was doing everything by myself, the hard way. It’s not until I signed up for a coaching program that I managed to put it all together.


    My coaching program -STEP INTO YOUR GREATNESS - accelerates this transition so you can take your first steps on your newly chosen path, faster, armed with tools and your confidence strong.



    • 1 on 1 sessions so you can get rid of underlying fears, self-doubt and replace them with self-confidence and clarity

    • we’ll focus on your purpose so you can understand your spiritual blueprint and overcome challenges

    • define your objective, and create actionable steps to your vision

    • learn how to stop overthinking, stay focused, learn to put boundaries and become your biggest fan

    • take steps to creating a strategic plan for your online and offline marketing


    I am a professional networker, and strategist for public outreach – I have done it all my life – in NGO work during my studies, working for government for 8 years, on projects of NATO and EU integration, and consulting - supporting marine conservation project ‘Art for Oceans’ on Bali, and coaches and therapists in their speaking gigs and selling their retreats.


    My former life expertise was creating strategies for large public campaigns for Croatia entering international organizations such as EU and NATO.


    My love for Southeast Asia drew me to Jakarta, Indonesia to work as a diplomat in Embassy of Republic of Croatia, where my transformation kicked off. This is where I took coaching training as well.


    To show you I am not all that serious - let’s live a little, ha!!??!!




    In my private life I am an ecstatic dancer, singer and addicted to being outdoors.


    I love to hike, swim, walk, stroll, breathe, anything just to spend time in nature, under the big blue skies.


    I love to travel far – I get super powers when I travel to foreign countries, I discover all kinds of amazing things.

    I have a special place in my heart for animals, love the hell out of those little buggers. And I made Bali, Indonesia my home.









    Maja Savic

    Vocalist, life coach, France

    "I am amazed at the results I've had after just one session with Iva! We did an NLP Swish technique to transmute one of my limiting beliefs and I have to say that I felt different immediately after the session and the belief feels completely gone even some time has passed since our meeting. Not only that I don't feel limited anymore, but I'm actually excited about doing the things that I felt blocked about before! Big thanks to Iva! It's been really transformational and I totally recommend trying this out, as it works!"

    Tino Nazif

    Photographer, Indonesia

    I would recommend Iva as the personal trainer and coach to anyone who cares about their personal development. In just a few Skype sessions, she explained me her program and approach and based on our conversations made an analysis and custom action plan. I followed her suggestions on the daily basis and was sending her reports about my progress. Iva’s program truly helped me improve my time-management skills, gain more emotional stability and control and to better organize my schedule by freeing more focus, energy and time for the things I love to do, things that make me happy. Before working with her, I would work erratically jumping from subject to subject which was unconsciously adding to my anxiety. Iva helped me solve these problems and the process of working and communicating with her was easy and fun. I am grateful to Iva for her expertise and honest support and can’t wait to work with her again!







    To find out how we sync together!

    I know you want to have the certainty that it will work and the comfort of knowing what to expect, and how the things will unfold.


    Can you believe, if I told you it’s you who creates the certainty with your passion, vision, bulletproof plan and taking the baby steps forward. It’s you who decides how it will unfold.


    I am here to help you get through it. Make it a pleasant flight. With your dream vision as a final destination.


    So book a free 30 minutes discovery session ON THE BUTTON ABOVE to find out more about how we sync together.


    Talk to you soon!

    With love,